Celebration of Cycling 2015: Join us!

How did the City of Winter Garden reinvent itself as a trail town? What is Orlando doing to reverse its anti-bike, anti-pedestrian reputation? Is “Take Your Lane” safer than bike lanes when riding in urban traffic? Is your city ready for Bike Share? How can you work with your county commission, or the state Legislature, on laws to better protect cyclists and pedestrians? And what is law enforcement doing to improve bike-ped safety?

These and other questions will be the subject of much discussion during Bike Florida’s third annual Share The Road Celebration of Cycling weekend, in the City of Clermont, Nov. 13-15. The weekend will kick off on Friday, Nov. 13, with a daylong series of speakers and panel discussions about critical issues confronting cycling in Florida. Registration and program information can be found at https://sharetheroad.org/celebration-of-cycling-2015/ Speakers will include Senate President Andy Gardiner, Billy Hattaway, Dist. 1 Sec. of the Florida Department of Transportation, state Bike-Ped Coordinator DeWayne Carver, Orlando Transportation Planner Ian Sikonia and many others. The Friday program will conclude with our annual Florida Bike-Ped Safety Summit, a panel discussion about how Florida can improve its reputation as a bike-unfriendly state. This year’s summit will focus on the role of law enforcement in improving bike-ped safety.

The Friday session is geared toward local public officials, transportation professionals, bike-ped safety advocates, bicycle club officers and other stakeholders who want to get involved in the conversation about how to facilitate safer cycling in Florida. As part of the Celebration of Cycling weekend, Bike Florida will host its annual Share The Road Awards Banquet on Saturday evening, Nov. 14, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. This is an opportunity to recognize and honor individuals and bicycle clubs that have made significant contributions to bicycle safety and advocacy in Florida. Our keynote speaker for the banquet will be Diane Travis, councilwoman for the City of Clermont. Travis became an outspoken advocate for safer streets after her fiancee was killed by a motorist while cycling. The topic of her speech: Stronger Together: Stakeholders for Safer Roads.

Share The Road Celebration of Cycling events will take place the same weekend in Clermont that the Florida Freewheelers are hosting their popular Horrible Hundred ride, an event that annually attracts upwards of a thousand cyclists. So come to Clermont Nov. 13-15: To talk about cycling, to cycle and to thank those who are working to make cycling safer and more enjoyable in Florida.

You can register for Share The Road Celebration of Cycling events at https://bikeflorida.org/cgi-bin/invite.cgi?e=4

We can’t wait to see you there!

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